Command (!xx) Action
00 System Reset
01 Pause All Output Until Next Command
02 Update - Send current status info immediately
(This will return the Time, X10 states, Inputs, Outputs, ADC/DAC, net Stats
and netbits)
03 Sel Time Display Mode
04 Get Time Once
05 Set New Time
06 Load New Program (Covered in a previous post)
07 Clear Log
08 Get Log Size
09 Get Logs from HCS
0A Set Log - Save event in HCS log memory
0B-0F Not Used
10 Select X10 modules to display
11 Get X10 Module Status
12 Set X10 Modules On/Off, etc
13 Select Inputs to Display
14 Get Input State
15 Set Input On or Off
16 Select Outputs to Display
17 Get Output State
18 Set Output On or Off
19 Select ADC Channels to display
1A Get ADC Value
1B Set ADC Value
1C Select DAC Channels to display
1D Get DAC Value (Includes AMAN DACs)
1E Set DAC Value (Includes AMAN DACs)
1F Select Network Modules to Display
20 Get Network Module Status
21 Select NetBits to Display
22 Get Netbit States
23 Set Netbit States (on/off)
24 Get Variable Value
25 Set Variable Value
26-2F Not Used
30 Send Network String to RS485 Network
31 Say String (via Voice board)