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This page provides a listing of some of articles, speeches or other such materials expressing opinions about the Canadian Consitution, or a subject related to it, like minority language rights. The documents are presented roughly in order of time.


  • The Parliamentary History of England, from the Beginning to 1803, containing debates about both the The Quebec Act, 1774 and The Constitutional Act, 1791, respectively.
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    June 1, 1931 - The Compact Theory of Confederation

    The Compact Theory of Confederation by Norman MCL Rogers published in the Canadian Bar Review.

    1951 - The Amending Power of the Canadian Parliament

    By WS Livingston, American Political Science Review. This paper examines the controversial (to the Canadian Provinces) passing of the British North America Act (No. 2), 1949.

    1960 - Some Obstacles to Democracy in Quebec

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau's essay on the history of democracy in Quebec and the obstacles to the exercise of democracy that need to be addressed.

    1964 - Amending Process and Fulton-Favreau

    Bora Laskin's observations on the Fulton-Favreau formula in the McGill Law Journal.

    1982 - Amendment of the British North America Act -- Role of the Provinces

    Professor P. Hogg's view of the Supreme Court's ruling of the reference question and the role of the provinces in BNA Act amendments.

    May 9, 1986 - Gil Rémillard, "Rebuilding the Relationship: Québec and its Confederation Partners," Symposium

    Speech given by then Québec Minister for Canadian Intergovernmental Affairs. This outlined Québec famous "5 demands" which set the stage for the Meech Lake Accord later on in June of 1987. (This was an articulation of the Liberal Party of Québec's platform from the previous year)

    May 27, 1987 - Meech Lake Accord

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau writes an article on the Meech Lake Accord. PDF.

    August 27, 1987 - Meech Lake Accord

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau's testimony before the Federal Parliamentary committee on the 1987 Constitional Accord (Meech Lake).

    January, 1989 - Meech Lake Accord

    A paper produced by the Library of Paliament analysing the Meech Lake Accord.

    February 1989 - The Notwithstanding Clause

    A report by the Library of Parliament's research division describing the arguments for and against the inclusion of section 33 of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms (the notwithstanding clause). English French.

    1991 - Fatal Tilt: Speaking Out About Sovereignty

    A pamphlet by former prime minister Pierre Elliott Trudeau briefly recounting the history behind constitutional changes and the Supreme Court's role in determining the fate of the patriation of the constitution, to ultimately busting the myth of Quebec's "humiliation" in 1982. In it he criticises the majority opinion while pointing out that the minority was likely the most correct conclusion.

    1991 - Shaping Canada's Future Together

    The Government of Canada's statement on Canada's Constitutional future later on became the basis of the Charlottetown Accord.

    October, 1991

    Library of Parliament study: PROPERTY RIGHTS AND THE CONSTITUTION by David Johansen.

    January, 1992


    September 28, 1992 - Charlottetown

    Pierre Trudeau's essay on Quebec nationalists and their agenda.

    November 1992

    Library of Parliament study: SENATE REFORM PROPOSALS IN COMPARATIVE PERSPECTIVE by Jack Stilborn.

    November 1995

    A review of constitutional activity between 1980 to 1992, by the Library of Parliament.

    November 6, 1995

    Pierre Trudeau goes on record with this article on the Federal Government's reaction after the October 1995 Quebec referendum.

    December 1995



    James Ross Hurley's analysis of the amending formula and its history.

    February 3, 1996

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau writes in Montreal newspapers, accussing Premier Lucien Bouchard of manipulating the people of Quebec by re-writing political history.

    February 10, 1996

    Premier Lucien Bouchard's response to Pierre Elliott Trudeau's article.

    February 17, 1996

    Pierre Elliott Trudeau's final response to Premier Lucien Bouchard.

    The Three Letters

    Letters written by then-Inter-governmental Affairs minister Stephan Dion to various recipients regarding the Constitution.

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