Speaker of the Senate Act

Chapter S-14

An Act respecting the Speaker of the Senate

1. This Act may be cited as the Speaker of the Senate Act.

2. Whenever the Speaker of the Senate, from illness or other cause, finds it necessary to leave the chair during any part of the sittings of the Senate on any day, he may call upon any senator to take the chair and preside as Speaker during the remainder of suchday, unless he himself resumes the chair before the close of the sittings for that day.

3. Whenever the Senate is informed by the Clerk at the table of the unavoidable absence of the Speaker, the Senate may chose any senator to preside as the Speaker during such absence, and such senator thereupon has and shall execute all the powers, privileges and duties of Speaker, until the Speaker himself resumes the chair, or another Speaker is appointed by the Governor General.

4. Every act done by any senator, acting as aforesaid, has the same effect and validity as if te act had been done by the Speaker himself.

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William F. Maton