HCS II Source Code

Welcome to the HCS II source code site. All source code located here is covered by copyright, but is placed under the GNU GPL.

The source code is written in various languages, and consequently requires different types of compilers to build. See the FAQ for a summary.

Firmware Version Table

First off, ROM images (both HEX and BIN) of older HCS II code are available here. Matching binary versions of host and compile programs are located in here. Conversely, current code listed here can be found in the release directory. What follows here are pointers to the actual source code and a few words about the sources.

The table below lists HCS II devices that use a ROM and its latest available version. All network modules (COMM-Links) are compiled using Dave Dunfield's Micro-C for the 8051, except the HCS II SC, which is compiled under Avocet's ADX cross-assembler for Z180s.

HCS II SC4.20 Revision history
ADIO-Link1.1d Revision history
DIO-Link1.0g Revision history
IR-Link1.0b Revision history
LCD-Link1.0b Revision history
MCIR-Link1.1f Revision history
PL-Link1.1f Revision history (also supports 50Hz power lines)

The AMAN-Link version can be determined from its console port sign-on prompt. This network module is not software-upgradeable.

The COMM-Link code as provided by Ed Nisley requires a certain compilation environment to be setup around his build. This is documented in a series of Readme files located in the directories containing the source code.

The historical source code for the old SART-Link (Cherry Semiconductor CS-212) and VID-Link (Imagewise digitizer recycled as a video link) is not supported.

In any case, all of that can be found here.

DOS Host and Compile Tools

HCS II Host is a DOS-based interface to the HCS II SC. The source was written in Borland C 3.1. The XPRESS compiler, compile, was also written with this compiler.