SpectraSense 2000

This originally appeared as a sidebar in issue 54 of Circuit Cellar Ink

Reproduced by permission of Circuit Cellar

The SpectraSense 2000 is an all-in-one home and light-industrial control system designed for easy installation and maintenance. Four or five of the more popular HCS components were combined onto a single board ard put into a heavy-duty steel enclosure to take the guesswork out of connecting together separate subsystems. This programmable building control system manages household circuits, appliances. and HVAC systems either directly or remotely. The system can be integrated with building control and security systems such as HVAC controls, automated valves and dampers, security systems and alarms, multimedia entertainment systems, and virtually any other building-automation product.

The SpectraSense 2000 offers a wide variety of advanced control features.

You can: