Unofficial Lookup Patch Page

Last update: April 8, 2017

Lookup is a program that was created by Jeffrey Friedl - many years ago - for searching EDICT-formatted text files, but it can easily be used to search any kind of text file. It uses a powerful regular expression engine that was developed by Jeffrey himself and has been further extended to search EUC-encoded Japanese text. The creation of this regex engine served to inspire Jeffrey to write about the more practical aspects of using regular expressions in several popular software tools and languages.

The last release of lookup by Jeffrey, version 1.08b, can be found at any good Nihongo mirror near you, or here.


Patches are obtained from users all over the world, and all are welcome to send more. The patches presented herein are made against the last known release of Lookup, so each successive patch requires that a stock Lookup be downloaded each time. All patches will be deposited on the Nihongo Archive as they are produced from time to time so that users may enjoy a good level of stability. All of these patches are released under the same license as lookup itself: Under the GNU GPL.

Here are the patches so far:

Lookup man pages

Here (MD5) are the man pages for lookup in the three different encodings, EUC, JIS and SJIS. If you want to regenerate these pages yourself via the source code above, then you'll need a version of groff that can support Japanese. Or you can get the venerable jgroff from here and compile it and install it separately.

Here they are separately:

Future Plans

Presently the short-term plan is to simply keep lookup in a usable state on the most current operating systems. Speaking of which, these are supported and confirmed as tested:

For the long-term, the server back-end is being re-worked to support IPv6 and the documentation is being updated.


If you wish to contribute, it's best to contact me through the J-E server itself.